A make over at Hubschercorp

JUNE 28 2013
make over at Hubschercorp

Over the last year Hubschercorp has taken up the challenge of not only redesigning our website but also venturing into the world of social media. It is an exciting time for us as we dream up a thousand ways to show our clients who we are today and where we are going tomorrow. On our website we have opted on a large selection of photographs of some of our favorite projects, close up images of details that surpassed our expectations and some of the collections where the client went for it the box, the bow, the felt basket. On our Facebook and Pinterest pages we have decided on publishing some of the things that inspire us, the trends that we need to keep a watch on and the current styles that push us towards a better standard. We are who we’ve always been for over 61 years, a company that is always evolving.

“Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside your own experience.” ~ Masaru Ibuka

The die line is our canvas

JUNE 26 2013

What is a die line and why do we need one anyway? This a question that has been brought to our art department many times. A die line is a technical drawing designers and printers use to create your package and to communicate with each other the specifications of the project. The die line would include all important information for print production such as; placement of fold lines, glue areas, windows, handles, all print colors and, of course, the images and graphics. The die line is the first and last step as this technical drawing will be used to create your final product.

In the art department we prefer to work in actual size; it is much easier to gauge the proportions of design elements if we are working within a properly sized die line. As well, designing within the correct specifications means, for example, that we know exactly where a die cut handle or window will be in the context of the placed design. We could use the side gussets for a dramatic design element or consider not placing text over a back fold line. The die line is the graphic designers canvas.

“But out of limitations comes creativity.” ~ Debbie Allen

The Drama of Packaging

JUNE 22 2013
The Drama of Packaging

A handle is just a handle right? We tend to think that a handle can be something a little more special. A handle can add a point of view to the packaging, it can be a focal point or a space for logo placement. Adding a handle is not the only way to add drama to a gift package or bag; a bold colour palette, a die cut window, metallic print, a unique shape, a back ground pattern, embossing, fabric wrapping, a bow or embellishment and design elements are used to create an impact and to set the package apart from the competition. There are a thousand ways to take a simple four sided box or gusseted bag and change or add one element to make it unique, to be noticed. The challenge is finding the perfect element that matches the product, the company esthetics, an element that is fresh and classic at the same time. The cliche is to think outside of the box however we prefer to think about the box, to dream about that box, how can we make it different - special. Our goal is to make that box stand out from among the rest.

“Be yourself. The world worships the original.” ~ Ingrid Bergman

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