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The benefit of a custom made box or bag means that the product is the 
focal point. When we create new packaging we consider every angle from 
presentation to destination. Custom means the packaging fits the product 
inside and out.

<p>Collapsible Box</p>

Collapsible Box

Rigid and collapsible boxes are a perfect choice for retail packaging. They are stable, easy to assemble and look impressive. At Hubschercorp our goal is to find packaging solutions that cover every function from sturdiness to style.

<p>Rigid Box</p>

Rigid Box

<p>Luxury Packaging</p>

Luxury Packaging

<p>Cello Folding Box</p>

Cello Folding Box

<p>Gable Box</p>

Gable Box

Folding boxes such as the gable or envelope box are used in retail sales but are also ideal as end user packaging. They can be shipped flat and are easy to assemble. Ask us today about our biodegradable, food grade and environmental packaging solutions.

<p>Sleeve Box</p>

Sleeve Box

<p>Paper Shoppers <span class="red_title">Luxury is Possible</span></p>

Paper Shoppers Luxury is Possible


A paper or laminated shopper is ideal for retail stores and corporate events. Create an up market style with: unique print methods, rope or ribbon handles, a creative die cut, exclusive bag shapes and distinctive branding. Add tissue and ribbon from our stock collection to complete the look.

Fabric Bags

Fabric bags are an easy way to add to an existing product line or to use as a promotional giveaway. For consistent brand marketing, integrate a logo, hang tag, printed drawstring or colour palette.

<p>Reusable Totes</p>

Reusable Totes

<p>Felt Bags</p>

Felt Bags

<p>Fabric Bags</p>

Fabric Bags

Reusable Totes

Multi-purpose reusable bags are environmentally friendly and durable. These totes can be printed in full colour and can come with or without lamination.

Felt Bags

Felt is a flexible, lightweight and sturdy material that can be elaborately die cut into almost any shape. It is a fun and festive look for all the holiday seasons and is an inventive option for decorative packaging.

<p>Fabric Embellishment</p>

Fabric Embellishment


Our experienced designers are available to create one of a kind embellishments for any project, package or brand.

<p>Hang Tags</p>

Hang Tags

<p>Tubes / Cylinders / Tins</p>

Tubes / Cylinders / Tins

<p>Die Cut<br />Embellishment</p>

Die Cut

<p>Metal<br />Embellishment</p>