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The benefit of a custom made box or bag means that the product is the focal point. When we create new packaging we consider every angle from presentation to destination. Custom means the packaging fits the product inside and out.

Our premium packaging is completely customized from paper totes and boxes to decorative embellishments and fabric pouches. Our clientele includes  manufacturers in the gift, gourmet food, confectionery, cosmetic and apparel industries as well as wholesalers and major retailers throughout North America.

OUR CUSTOM BOXES, your great products!

Hubschercorp has the capacity to design and manufacture a multitude of box formats to best suit your packaging needs. Hubschercorp can supply any type of box option including: rigid, collapsible, folding, formed trays, decorative sleeves, die cut windows and much more. Call one of our experienced packaging specialists today for insight into the best options for your packaging needs.